Amazing! The Lord's Demands are Simple(Acts 4:32-37/93:1-2,5/ Rv1:5/ John 3:7-15)

Today, the readings bring to us the 'centre' of Christian life. It is so true that the Lord is King, with majesty enrobed; the Lord has robed himself with might, he has girded himself with power. The world, he made firm, not to be moved; His throne has stood firm from of old and from all eternity. Truly His decrees are to be trusted!

There are many certain things about our God that should excite us. His promises and faithfulness through all ages. When at last he came and opened wide 'The Way' to the Father, He showed his profound  love and mercy to us, and brought us salvation.

When Jesus speaks about Salvation, it is first and foremost salvation from sin -the sin of our first parents. He came to save us from the inherited concupicence that had condemned us 'death'. Jesus came to give us a new life. Hence Jesus speaks of being reborn of the spirit. That is, of being baptised and redeemed. And just like in the days of Moses, who lifted up the serpent in the desert, Jesus was lifted on the cross so that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him.

Children of God, remember No one has gone up to heaven except the Son of Man who has come down from heaven. No one can tell us how to live as baptised (born again) christians except our God, Jesus. Amazingly the rules our Lord has given us is simple -CHARITY: LOVE OF GOD AND NEIGHBOUR.

Let us learn from the first community of Christians of the Acts of the Apostles in the first reading of today. Let us make this charity very practical.

Let Us Pray: Eternal Father help the basic truths of our redemption to come alive in our heart. Help it to excite us and strengthen our faith. Above all as born again Christians, help us live in practical charity to you our God and our neighbour.

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