Have You Caught Anything, Friends?(Acts 4:1-12, Psalm 118, John 21:1-14)

Today we see the Apostle Peter and the others return to their 'normal' life. A life devoid of their call as apostles. Remember that it was recorded that Jesus had called them from fishing to be fishers of men -to be preachers and carry on his mission when He would nolonger be with them physically.

They did this because they felt the dryness brought by the death of their master Jesus. They were greatly distressed because they saw Jesus as the Messiah and their expectations had been dashed by his 'mysterious' death. They went fishing, that is, back to their previous careers and it so happend that through the night they caught nothing.

Suddenly there stood "Jesus on the shore, though the disciples did not realise that it was Jesus. Jesus called out, ‘Have you caught anything, friends?’ And when they answered, ‘No’, he said, ‘Throw the net out to starboard and you’ll find something.’" So they dropped the net, and there were so many fish that they could not haul it in.

Today we learn from this story not to be discouraged or desolate in our trials but wait patiently as the risen Christ is ready to reveal Himself to us in such situations. It is not time to give up or run into hasty conclusions on the many promises of the Lord that is yet to be revealed in ourlives. We should not be tempted to return to our former lives simply because we can not pin point the hand of the Messiah in ourlives at the moment.

The risen Jesus continues to reveal Himself gradually to us as He has been doing to the disciples in the readings of the Easter Octave. So do not worry or feel abandoned if 'you have caught nothing'. Jesus is standing by. You must continue to listen to Him in the words and teaching of the Church and her pastors. In such teachings we keep hearing Jesus telling us what to do to 'cast our nets'.

Let Us Pray: Sweet Jesus, I love you. Many times,we your children have caught nothing but we are not troubled. You are risen and alive and will always be with us. We will cast our nets when and if you say so. Risen and victorious Jesus, hasten to help us.

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