The Dry Bones shall Rise again (Ezekiel 37)

The story of the valley of dry bones in the book of Ezekiel is one that inspires any serious christian. The dry bone represents everything that is dead in us which needs restoration from the Lord. Sometimes in life,  our faith and spirituality get so dry and arid that we become disconnected from the things that concern and involve God. Sometimes also as a result of the challenges we face in health, business, work, family, marriage and so on, we feel so empty and dry that we will be seen as a working corpse or a dead. This season of advent is a season when we open ourselves to the mercy of Jesus so that he can heal us of our dryness and restore us to life like the dry bones were restored in this book of Ezekiel.

We become dry when we cut ourselves away from God who is the source of our life.
We become dry when we allow sin to reign in our mortal body.
We become dry when we give in to hatred, wickedness, envy and bitterness.
We become dry when we fail to suffer for the sake of Christ and show love to others as Christ did.
We become dry when we refuse to forgive.
We become dry when we work towards the oppression of others.
We become dry when we loose hope and trust in God, when we run after other gods, when we abandon our primary mission of proclaiming the goodnews to psychophancy. When we desire, pursue and cherish material possessions more than God Himself.
We become dry when we grow tepid and lazy in our spirituality e.t.c

However, as the dry bones in the story of Ezekiel were restored so shall we be restored only if we allow the word of God to touch us. We must invite Jesus who is going to be born in this Christmas season to come and take His proper place in our lives so that He will bring total restoration and healing to all the dry areas in our lives. We need to return to the Lord in humility, cry out to Him with total trust and dependence, then we confess our failings to Him through the sacrament of reconciliation and we shall come alive again and begin to serve Him in spirit and in truth.

Do not let this opportunity pass you by. For our bones to be dry it means we are dead, but with the power of God we can come alive again. Just present the areas of your life that is dry to Jesus and allow Him transform you to something good, excellent, beautiful and wonderful. Jesus is waiting for your response to His invitation, do not harden your heart. Come to Him and your total healing will begin immediately, for with God all things are possible. May the power in the word of God work the miracle of restoration in us so that the dry areas of our lives that needs His attention will be restored to life in all its ramifications and may the Spirit of the Lord come to dwell in us fully so that we will not yield in to things that will make us become dry again.

Let us pray: Almighty Father, you gave us your Son Jesus to be the source of our healing. May your power heal the dry areas of my life and make me well again. Amen.

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