Proclaim What You Have Witnessed!(Acts 4:13-21, Psalm 118, Mark 16:9-15 )

In the Gospel reading of today, we read the evangelist listing some persons to whom Jesus had  appeared to after his ressurection. We hear Jesus chastise his apostles for not believing even by the testimonies of those who had seen Him.

Now in the Gospel reading we hear the two apostles refusing to stop witnessing. They too had experienced the resurrected Christ and his first gift of the Holy Spirit and now have become witnesses themselves.

Today, the reading brings before our minds the call to believe and to be witnesses of the resurrection. It is not proper that those who are witnesses of the living Christ, in he Church, the sacraments and  the word of God alive in our hearts, refuse to bear witness to the risen Jesus by the way we live ourlives. It is very sad that many times ourlives show that we do not believe Jesus is alive and is watching our every action and thought.

We need to brace up and live the new life which we share in he ressurection through baptism. Let the system of doing things in he world not shut us from standing for and witnessing about Christ. It is better to obey God than to follow the admonitions of man no matter how beautiful it seems.

#*Keep in mind that there are more than enough testimonies in the world to strengthen our faith. Take advantage of them because the extent to which we can go for God is the measure of the strength of our faith.*

Let us pray: Risen Lord, I want to be an untiring witness of the glory of your ressurection. I believe in you completely and I ask you to help me proclaim with my life your goodness and holiness in a world that seems to systematically oppose you. Help my faith to grow so strong and withstand all obstacles and crosses. Amen

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